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We were nominated for three categories this year: Best Bar/Tavern, Trivia Venue and Place to Go Dancing.


To place your vote for Jake's in each category, simply click one of the above links

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Hello to our wonderful customers! We need your help—the Cape Cod Times' "Best of Cape Cod" contest is underway, and we'd love your support!

Will you vote for us? 

All you need to do is go to the web page, and fill in your information.

We've been nominated for these categories - 

Best Bar/Tavern, Trivia Venue and Place to Go Dancing.


If you've enjoyed any of these things at Jake Rooney's, we ask for your support to let other people know what fun and good food we have here!

You can vote for one or all 3. Thank you again! 


Once you've clicked a link, scroll down until you see a green "Vote" button

Click the button, and follow the prompts.


Then, repeat the same steps with the other two links.

​Thanks for your help!

Voting runs from now til March 31st.

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