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Dinner choices march 23rd

Hello, Ready Family and Friends!

Please fill our your name, choose what you'd like to order for dinner, and then click the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

Each person has to fill out their own individual order, please. Thank you!!

This is the special menu for your dinner on March 23rd at 4pm. The regular menu is not available. 

Please enter your name.

Please choose ONE appetizer. (optional)
Please choose ONE entree.

Appetizer Descriptions - 


Bacon Wrapped Scallops  $12

Fresh sea scallops wrapped in hickory smoked bacon with honey Dijon sauce.

Stuffed Mushrooms  $8

Mushroom caps stuffed with seafood, special blend of herbs and cheeses, and breadcrumbs with a citrus aioli.


Entree Descriptions - 


Fish and Chips - $16

Hearty portion of fresh native haddock.


Native Haddock  $18

Fresh local haddock baked with seasoned crackers, butter and wine.


Cabernet Braised Beef  $17

Slow cooked, fork tender boneless beef chuck in cabernet espagnole sauce, over Yukon gold mashed potatoes.


Tacos  $12

Grilled soft tacos with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese and chipotle aioli and your choice of fried haddock or grilled chicken. 


Chicken OR Eggplant Parmesan  $16

Italian breaded boneless chicken breast baked with mozzarella cheese over penne pasta, with marinara. 

Includes rolls and butter.

Thank you! We'll see you on June 15, 2024!!

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