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Come Celebrate with Jake's Annual Oktoberfest!!


Saturday, October 14th, 2023




FREE With your dinner –

glazed apple turnover for dessert

 It’s wunderbar!


Weiner Schnitzel  26
Pan fried breaded veal cutlet sautéed in lemon butter sauce with braised red cabbage and buttered house made spaetzle.

Sauerbraten 26

Slow cooked, fork tender marinated German pot roast with ginger snap gravy, carrots and German style mashed potatoes.

Apple and Beer Marinated Pig Roast  25
Marinated roast pork loin with apple beer gravy, braised cabbage and fried potato pancakes


Grilled Bratwurst  22

Grilled brat links with braised red cabbage and parsley boiled potatoes.

Combo Platter for Two  46
Portions of pig roast, sauerbraten, wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, potato pancakes, braised red cabbage, red skinned potatoes and carrots.


Fisch Und Pommes  25
German beer battered fish & chips with cole slaw and fries


Beef Stroganoff  36

Grilled twin 3 oz filets of beef tenderloin in a mushroom stroganoff sauce with sour cream lace over egg noodles and a dollop of sour cream on top.










All day Saturday

5pm Irish Step dancers 

Live Music
with Seawitch starting at 7:30pm!

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