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Click the button above and you should see the page pictured just below this text. Read the instructions—they're easy. Then nominate away!

Hello to our wonderful customers! We need your help—the Cape Cod Times' "Best of Cape Cod" contest is about to begin, and we'd love to be in the running.

Will you nominate us? 

All you need to do is go to the web page, choose the nomination category and fill in your information. 

We're shooting for these categories - 

Entertainment and Leisure - Place to go Dancing

Food and DrinkBar/Tavern

                                 Lobster Roll


If you've enjoyed any of these things at Jake Rooney's, we ask for your support to let other people know what fun and good food we have here!

You can nominate for one or all 3. You only have to fill out your information once, then each additional nomination is just 2 clicks.


Start with Entertainment and Leisure, and find "Place to go Dancing".


Write in "Jake Rooney's"

Email = Your email address


Fill in the info, then move on to
Food and Drink.

Then write us in under :


Lobster Roll

​Thanks for your help!

Nominations run from now til Jan 26th.

Voting starts March 2 

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